USA BEST Same Day Water Damage Flood Repair RESTORATION Process

Every water damage situation is different and requires a different solution. But the basic process is the same, the steps mentioned below are a part of our water damage floor repair restoration process:

1.     Emergency Contact - The first step is for you to call USA BEST Same Day Water Damage Flood Repair, and let us know about your situation. Our customer service representative can listen to the problem you are dealing with and have someone over there soon. Our representative will ask you a few basic questions, which will help him/her to better idea of your situation. The questions that might be asked are:

·        Your name and contact details

·        Insurance company

·        Address

·        When did the event occur?

·        Is there active electricity available?

2.     Inspection - Our inspector will be with you shortly and start assessing the water damage and restoration process. After a thorough inspection of your property, our certified professionals will develop an action plan. The steps taken are:

·        Identification of water source, and how the drying process can begin.

·        Checking the water for contaminations, and what category of water it is. The category of water will impact the restoration process.

·        Checking to what extent water has damaged, and check for all safety concerns.

·        Furniture will be moved or blocked to preserve it.

3.     Water Extraction - This step will remove the majority of the water, and then a thorough water extraction will help reduce drying time. This helps prevent mold and other secondary water damage. We use powerful pumps that can remove gallons of water in just a short period of time. Then some of these steps might have to be taken:

·        If the water damage is extensive, you may be required to move out for some time.

·        Removal of excess water, with the help of dry vacuums and industrial dehumidifiers.

·        There will be a thorough inspection of carpet/wood floors and carpet pads to see if water has damaged the subfloor or not. If water has damaged that area, replacement might be needed.

·        We have moisture detectors, and other meters that allow us to determine how much moisture is left behind. Infrared cameras are used to locate hidden water.

4.     Dehumidification - After all the water has been removed, the process of drying and dehumidification can begin.  This step includes:

·        We will use professional grade dehumidifiers to help get rid of all hard-to-access moisture. This will be tracked with a moisture meter.

·        We will monitor both floors and walls to ensure mold cannot grow from moisture left behind.

·        We use high-speed air movers which flow air across walls, pads, floors, and furniture.

5.     Repair and Cleaning - USA BEST Same Day Water Damage Flood Repair will take care of the walls, floors, and other surfaces of your house that need professional cleaning.  In this step we cover:

·        We will try to restore as much as we can after water damage. This step ensures that you can keep your special keepsakes such as photos and personal items. We use dry cleaning, wet cleaning, foam cleaning, spray and wipe, immersion cleaning, and abrasive cleaning.

·        After water damage there is a specific kind of odor that sometimes refuses to leave. We will eliminate this odor with the help of industrial air scrubbers.

·        Depending on the situation we might need to use antibacterial and antimicrobial treatments and possibly disinfectants and sanitizing treatments.

·        We will take care of disposing of all materials while keeping your insurance company in the loop.

6.     Restoration - Once everything is dry and water-free the final step is restoration.  Restoration can mean minor repairs, or even major ones depending on the condition of your house. This step includes:

·        After heavy water damage you might require boarding up, temporary fencing, moving out, packing and sending things off to the warehouse for some time.

·        Depending on the water damage conditions you might need drywall removal and installation, tile floor repair, hardwood floor repair, painting, and even carpet removal and installation.

·        There are cases in which we have to handle initial damage, and rebuild the affected areas.

The process of restoration may be a long one depending on the situation at hand.  USA BEST Same Day Water Damage Flood Repair Las Vegas knows that each situation is unique and requires different methods of approach.  We have the knowledge, skill, reputation, and training to work with you each step of the way.  We are the best in Las Vegas!

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