Since we live in a desert basin, Las Vegas homeowners have seen their fair share of flood situations. These situations are not always natural, but at times they are. There might not be any river flowing nearby, but there are times when heavy rainfall comes down fast and hard; it’s as if someone is dumping water on you…all at once. The real problem begins after the rainfall.  With the Las Vegas basin having dry and hard land, water is not absorbed; it just simply floats away. Even with the storm drain system, there are times when we see cars submerged in water and the streets flooded from curb to curb. But the people who live in the lower part of Las Vegas are the ones that suffer the most.  After heavy rainfall, it is common for them to find themselves in a flood situation. Water enters their homes and can do serious damage.

The second reason is more man-made than natural as it involves plumbing.  We have water pipes running inside walls, ceilings, and floors and there are times when things simply go wrong. The most commonly reported issue is seen with washing machine supply pipes with water flowing through them at approximately 10 to 20 gallons per minute. For instance, if you throw in a few towels to be washed and go out to run a few errands; while you are gone the pipe bursts.  You come back to find a flood situation with approximately 1200 gallons of water. This happens because we live in a dry climate and over time the rubber dries and cracks and due to the pressure their fitting can slip off. The next most major source of flooding is heater failure.  Again, many plumbing supply lines can break; such as with sinks, refrigerators, toilets, drain leaks, and let's not forget overflow.

If you are home when an unnatural cause of flood has occurred make sure you get your family to safety because as soon as the water mixes with electricity, the problem can become extremely dangerous. If you know where the main water source is located and you can get to it without getting in any harm, then the best thing is to shut off the main source of water. Your best shot at getting out of this situation without any major damage is by calling USA BEST Same Day Water Damage Flood Repair, and we will be there to help you.

If such a situation occurs when you are not at home, call USA BEST Same Day Water Damage Flood Repair as soon as you discover the problem!  Who knows how long the water has been sitting there or how much damage it could have done, and if left untreated it can grow mold. USA BEST Same Day Water Damage Flood Repair will be there as soon as possible, and:

  1. Start by extracting excess water.

  2. We will then remove any unsavable materials from your home.

  3. And start the drying process.

  4. If needed we also offer restoration and repair of damaged areas.

  5. And offer a complete inspection of all affected areas.

Call USA BEST Same Day Water Damage Flood Repair Las Vegas

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